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The Builders Forum

Welcome to Builders Forum.

Welcome to Our Builders Forum. We are happy to have you browse our new site.  We are building our blog and welcome questions and suggestions related to home & house construction.  Actually anything related to home construction is welcome.  There are so many new trends, building materials, and systems in the home it is time […]

House Plan Sets PDFs or Paper

Can’t Decide What Plan Format to Get? This may help. New to the world of house building?  The industry has come a long way from hands on pencils and paper to the digital world.  One thing that has not changed is that to build a house you will need a detailed plan set.  The set […]

Plan Sets Evolved

BUILDING PLANS-OLD SCHOOL & NOW Several decades ago building construction was not regulated by government.  The designers, draftsman, and architects prepared construction plans using the experience, techniques, and knowledge afforded to them at that time.  Therefore, the construction plans required a vast amount of informational notes and graphical details to ensure the structure was built […]

Buy or Build?…

The Case for Buying a House. The benefits of buying an existing home are more than financial. Buying a home is often less stressful than building one. When you build a house, you’ll have to purchase land, decide on a home design, pick out flooring, fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, interior trim, exterior trim, and on […]

Build or Buy??…

The Case for Building a House. Should I build or buy a house.  That is a question that comes up over and over.  According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the average time an existing home is on the market is 30 days!(1) With homes flying off the market so quickly, competition to find an […]